Urbanest’s New Scholarship Beds Program Makes Student Living Lush For Future Essential Workers

A great place to live that doesn’t totally drain your bank balance? Yes please.

Urbanest Adelaide

Is there anyone more deserving of a break than nurses, teachers, and healthcare workers? Not likely.

This is why Scape Group, the market leader in student living, is launching an initiative with its Urbanest and Atira brands to support future essential workers through student accommodation.

Scape is committing up to $6 million this semester (Sem 2) to its Scholarship Beds program to help cover the cost of accommodation for students enrolled in nursing, health science, education, and research courses. Hopefully that will give those future essential workers one less thing to worry about!

Finding good student accommodation can be especially stressful for those who are living out of home for the first time. That’s why Urbanest and Atira try to make the process easier: you can get your hands on high-quality housing that’s been specially designed for students.

Image: Urbanest

At Urbanest and Atira, you get a room in some of the best areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Every property is different, but what’s the same is all the awesome stuff you get access to when you live there.

That includes unlimited wifi, no bills to worry about, a packed calendar of fun social events, and student support services. You’ll also get free access to gyms, communal areas, cinemas and gaming rooms! You definitely won’t find all that in a uni sharehouse…

The students who qualify for the Scholarship Beds program can get all that from $20 a night in Sydney, from $16 in Melbourne, from $13 in Adelaide, and from $11 in Brisbane. Urbanest and Atira will cover the difference between the Scholarship Beds prices and the normal accommodation rates.

Urbanest and Atira are accepting applications for the program right now from students enrolled in nursing, health science, education, or research courses at an Australian uni or similar tertiary education provider.

An awesome place to live that doesn’t totally drain your bank balance? Yes please. Better get in quick!

Limited Scholarship Beds available. Apply here or call 1800 960 987