Millennials Are Officially Going Through Their Boomer Phase

From pet photos for trees to Urban Dictionary name screenshots, millennials are turning full boomer.

urban dictionary name instagram millennials boomer

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It’s official: Millennials are going through their Boomer phase.

Long gone are the days of shaming baby boomers for loving Minion memes, reposting misinformation they found on WhatsApp or for sharing things on Facebook that say “Repost If You Love Your Husband” because with the latest Instagram trend, we’ve basically reached the same level.

Millennials are now flooding Instagram with screenshots of what their name “means” on Urban Dictionary — an arbirtary slang definiton site that famously lets users define things whatever way they please — like it’s the 2000s again.

Thanks to Instagram’s new ‘Add Yours’ sticker feature, 2000s-style content chains are being shared en masse via stories. And while posting screenshots that are “so me, omg” is innocent, previous Add Yours trends proved that millennials might just be as foolish as the boomers we laugh at.

Earlier this month, literally millions of us were gullible enough to believe that a single person would plant 4.2 million trees in exchange for a photo of our pets. Without really giving it a second thought, people just blindly believed that an anonymous person would follow through on their promise and everyone was somehow shocked to discover that the person didn’t have enough funds or resources to do so.

But now we’ve made a pivot from believing everything we come across to sharing shit that truly no one cares about — just like boomers do all day on Facebook — with the “show us ur name in Urban Dictionary” Instagram story trend.

Thankfully, the Urban Dictionary trend doesn’t hurt anyone and honestly just has the same energy as people sharing their Spotify Wrapped results each year. But the difference is Spotify results are based on data, while these random paragraphs of name definitions are being pulled out thin air.

Like, I’m sorry Matt do you really think your name means “best boyfriend/guy friend ever” and “eternal sex god”?! Craig, let’s be realistic. We all know your name doesn’t really stand for “the quiet guy that you’ve known forever and would think to be timid and shy that turns out to be the best dickin’ you’ve ever had…”

And Darren, enough is enough. No one actually believes that your name means that your “sexual escapades are legendary as is the size of his gigantic member”.

I mean, is the fact that every male name has some reference to having huge penises and high body counts not enough of a sign that this trend reeks of “boomer believes everything they come across” vibes?!

This isn’t the first time that millennials have been dragged for showing their age either.

Last year, Gen Z came for Gen Y on TikTok for their pizza, wine, skinny jean and Harry Potter-loving ways, which kicked off a culture between the two generations. But as always, at the end of the day if sharing long screenshots of how Urban Dictionary “defines” your name brings you joy, then have at it.

But just know that you can’t complain about boomers unabashedly posting whatever they want on Facebook anymore. Especially if you loved to trash boomers for blindly believing everything they saw online because I know not all of you are sex gods with huge dicks like Urban Dictionary made you believe.