Everyone Is Obsessed With The ‘Untitled Goose Game’, And It’s Hilarious

"the goose game appeals to me because in every other rpg i can’t bring myself to be mean to other characters, but being a naughty goose finally lets me fulfill my repressed mean streak."

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game, a a from Melbourne-based videogame company House House.

The plot of Untitled Goose Game is simple: you play an extremely shitty unnamed goose, and must spend your days irritating the villagers of a small town. As the game progresses, that irritation gets increasingly complex. You start out honking at people and chasing them around their strawberry patch, and you end up devising intricate plans that involve stolen bars of soap, muddy ponds, and piles of only just dried laundry.

Here, watch the enjoyable trailer:

Anyway, the game is OUT, and people LOVE TO BE THE GOOSE.

They love it.

It turns out that maybe the hero 2019 deserves is an unfriendly goose. Who says we need guns and slaughter and sexy cars in our video games — maybe we just need a mean bird?

People have gone nuts, and here’s all the funniest responses:

Untitled Goose Game is available on Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac.