Steven Soderbergh’s New Film ‘Unsane’ Is Going To Mess With Your Mind

Fans of psychological thrillers and indie films, behold 'Unsane'.

Fans of psychological thrillers and indie films, behold Unsane. It’s the latest film from acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh, it stars Queen Claire Foy of The Crown, and it will completely mess with your mind.

Unsane follows a young woman who gets caught in a waking nightmare after fleeing her hometown. Instead of a fresh start, she ends up involuntarily committed to a mental institution with no way out. To make things worse, within the walls of the institution she’s haunted by the man who has relentlessly stalked her for years.

Between the twisting perspectives and psychological struggle, the film will make you question what’s real, what’s not, and who can be trusted.

It’s all creepily rooted in reality, and the film’s distinctive cinematography and tight frames – the entire movie was shot on an iPhone – makes the narrative feel all the more claustrophobic.

The indie-thriller blend is a fresh venture from Soderbergh but keeps with his brand of meticulous production. With Soderbergh’s handiwork and Claire Foy’s stunning performance, Unsane is a must-see.

(Lead image: Unsane/20th Century Fox)