Unpacking James Corden Being Banned And Unbanned From A NYC Restaurant

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He’s been described as a traffic hazard from his Carpool Karaoke and now a “tiny cretin of a man” who only likes his omelettes extremely yolky — yes we are talking about James Corden.

The TV host who was quite hilariously banned from a very popular restaurant in New York City has now been astonishingly unbanned in the space of a day. So what is going on with this devilled story?

Famous NYC restaurateur Keith McNally, who owns a bunch of swanky restaurants including the french eatery Balthazar, took to Instagram on Monday to declare that he thinks Corden is a “hugely gifted comedian but a tiny Cretin of a man”.


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A post shared by Keith McNally (@keithmcnallynyc)

Why? Well according to McNally, Corden dined at his restaurant and was “the most abusive customer” to his “Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago”.

Per Keith McNally’s insta account, on two separate occasions Corden was “extremely nasty” to his servers and on one occasion apparently sent back an egg yolk omelette when he found there to be a little bit of egg white mixed in with the egg yolk – shocking!

When the dish was remade and sent back but unfortunately with fries instead of salad, Corden allegedly yelled at the server declaring that they couldn’t do their job and that maybe he should just go into the kitchen and cook the omelette himself. Well, wouldn’t we all like to see that James.

Prior to that incident, Corden allegedly found a hair in something he was served and even after the manager apologised profusely, Corden demanded another round of drinks, so that he didn’t write any nasty reviews in yelp.

Keith McNally wrote on insta that he often doesn’t “86 a customer” but that today he “86’d Corden”. Apparently, that’s American slang for throwing someone out by proverbially picking them up by the scruff of the neck.

Balthazar is a super popular spot for celebrities, serving around 1,500 people a day with their “reliable executions of French staples like escargot and steak frites”.

Luckily for James Corden, McNally has since lifted the ban after the TV host called to apologise. In a second post to Instagram McNally wrote “having fucked up myself more than most people, I strongly believe in second chances” and that “all is forgiven”.


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A post shared by Keith McNally (@keithmcnallynyc)

From a brief instagram stalk, McNally might be speaking some truth here. It seems that the revered restaurateur has been called out for not being overly generous himself.

After sharing that he awarded his employee of the month, who he has been working with for 17 years, just $500 and a week’s paid vacation, people in the comments section called out that only $500 for 17 years just didn’t cut it.

But back to James Corden, who despite being famous for being a friendly guy on TV, has been known to be a bit of a grouch.

Back in June there was a petition pushing for him to stay in the US after he announced plans to relocate to the UK in mid-2023. At this point, he’s probably looking to retire down under after he exits the Late Late Show next year.

From these latest recounts, he’s truly giving spoiled and disgruntled vibes — ahem Ellen. All we can hope is that not all celebs are deep down like this.