It’s Your Last Chance To Win An Epic Trip To Experience The Best Of Tassie’s Wild Places

Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Ahh, Tassie. Australia’s ground zero for lovers of nature and adventurers. Tasmania’s wild places are the perfect spot for thrilling adventure, stunning Instagram action, and serious self-reflection.

Whatever you get up to in Tassie, it’s the perfect place to clear your head and take your next step in life. Where would you rather set the foundation for a successful career: in a cramped city apartment, or lying underneath the Southern Lights?

Thought so.

Which is why the University of Tasmania is giving you the chance to spend a bit of thinking time in Tasmania’s wild places.

The university is giving away three holidays to anyone who’s trying to decide what to do at uni (and to show them how amazing studying on the Apple Isle can be). The winners will get to custom design their dream Tassie adventure – whether that’s meeting cute locals at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, hang-gliding over beaches, tasting your way through local whisky and wines, or shredding world-class mountain bike tracks.

Australia’s adventure paradise has got hikes for days, white water rafting and scuba diving expeditions through underwater wrecks. There are inspiring museums wherever you turn, and lush spas surrounded by ridiculously beautiful nature.

Whatever your dream getaway looks like, your adventure will give you a bit of thinking time in Tasmania’s enlightening* wilderness.

*Not a joke, Tasmania’s wilderness will enlighten the hell out of you.

The winner will get $5000 to plan their dream Tassie adventure, and two runners up will each get $2000. You have until October 31 to enter on the University of Tasmania’s website.

What you choose to do at uni – and where you choose to do it – can change the rest of your life, so why rush it? This is your chance to do some serious thinking on someone else’s dime!

(Lead image: Tamara Thurman / Unsplash)

Win an epic trip to discover Tasmania’s wild places thanks to the University of Tasmania.