UNIFY Confirms That “A Couple” Of Acts On Fake Line-Up Poster Are Legit

Let the speculation begin.

We’re a few weeks out from the official line-up announcement for UNIFY Gathering 2019, which means it’s prime time for fake line-up posters to do the rounds.

One of these blatantly fake posters arrived in Music Junkee’s inbox yesterday, with Chicago punk outfit Rise Against and A Day To Remember optimistically billed as headliners. New Found Glory and Enter Shikari were also on the poster — as well as Confession and Buried In Verona, both billed as “exclusive reunion performances”.

Have a look for yourself below:


UNIFY was quick to confirm the poster was fake as hell (for a start, the festival location is wrong) but they then surprised fans by admitting that some of the bands on the poster would actually be on the real line-up.

“While this poster is obviously fake,” organisers wrote on Twitter. “We are happy to confirm you’ll be seeing a couple of these bands in 2019.”

Fans were quick to speculate just who organisers could be referring to. Enter Shikari definitely won’t be appearing, as they have a run of tour dates that clash directly with UNIFY. Rise Against are also fairly unlikely, as they only toured Australia earlier this year. As for the others…it’s anyone’s guess.

UNIFY organisers have already dropped a number of hints about their 2019 line-up, including that they will be exclusively hosting “a bunch” of international acts, and some reunion performances.

“We’ll have some special album shows from multiple artists, exclusive reunion and throwback shows, and of course some sets by the artists that released the best heavy records of 2017/2018 on there as well,” they wrote on Facebook earlier this month.

The full line-up is expected to drop sometime in August. UNIFY Gathering is scheduled to take place from January 10 to 13 in South Gippsland, Victoria.