The Government Is Being Slammed For Its Decision To Double HECs Fees For The Humanities

"All of Morrison's cronies are soulless ghouls but few seem to openly hate the industries they preside over more than Dan Tehan hates higher education."

University humanities courses to double

This morning, it was announced that the government is going to attempt to funnel university students into “employable” fields by doubling the cost of some degrees and slashing the cost of others.

As reported by the ABC, subjects such as nursing, psychology, and architecture will now be cheaper, with the government footing some of the bill for these degrees.

By contrast, subjects in the humanities will be raised by more than double, making them as expensive as med degrees.

This decision puts increased strain on already suffering university departments. Schools like philosophy, which never received much in the way of support anyway, will expect smaller enrolment numbers, and thus face course cuts to survive.

It also means that prospective university students have much less in the way of choice. Australians should be supported by their government in choosing whatever they would like to study, not being pushed into specific industries in a ham-fisted attempt to drive job numbers.

To that end, the government is being slammed for the decision online.

We will update with more information about the government’s decision as it comes.