All The Best Memes About The Latest Season Of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Stress level: Five.

umbrella academy season 2 memes

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Over the weekend, Netflix dropped the long-awaited second season of superhero series, The Umbrella Academy. 

After the dysfunctional siblings reunited to solve their father’s mysterious death in Season 1, the Umbrella Academy failed to stop the impending apocalypse caused by Vanya’s inability to control her powers. However, in the final moments of Season 1, we saw Five teleport his siblings out of the current timeline just before Earth was destroyed by huge flying chunks of the broken moon — another Vanya powers special.

As expected, Season 2 picked up right where the cliffhanger left us and we learned that the Hargreeves siblings were thrown into the same Dallas alley, but all in different years throughout the ’60s.

From here the Umbrella Academy faced Swedish assassins, cults, ghost deaths, more time bending and a whole other apocalypse thanks to, well, their own messing around with timelines. Oh, and there was also that cheeky last-minute revelation that another superhero group, the Sparrow Academy, exist in an alternate timeline — with a very-alive and clueless Ben leading the group.

While we likely have to wait another year to find out what’s next for the Hargreeves, alive Ben and the Sparrow Academy, here are the best memes about Season 2 to tide you over until Season 3 is (hopefully) announced.

(As expected, spoilers ahead.)

Season 1 and 2 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ are currently streaming on Netflix.