The First Trailer For ‘The Umbrella Academy’ S2 Is Here, And Klaus Has Started A Cult

There's a new Gerard Way song, too.

The Umbrella Academy S2 trailer is here

Our first full look at Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy‘s season season is here, and it looks like the time-traveling Hargreeves family are stuck in the 1960s.

Adapted from the comic book series of the same name co-created by Gabriel Bà and My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way, The Umbrella Chronicles debuted last year on Netflix.

Starring Ellen Page, Mary J. Blige and Misfits‘ Robert Sheehan, the show centres on the Hargreeves family, a group of seven adopted children who were among those born simultaneously around the world to mothers who previously showed no signs of pregnancy. Six show supernatural powers, and fight against crimes.

For season two, it looks like the gang find themselves spread out across the 1960s after a bit of time-travelling goes astray, and the family have to face off against two impending apocalypses: the one in the contemporaneous S1, and a new threat. Klaus, of course, has used his knowledge of the future to start a cult.

The Umbrella Academy‘s second season drops on Netflix July 31, with 10 new episodes, hopefully ready to answer our burning questions left unresolved by S1.

Watch the trailer below, complete with a new song from Gerard Way called ‘Here Comes The Way’ featuring Judith Hill.