Ukrainian Men Have Been Banned From Leaving The Country As Conscription Orders Are Imposed

"It's just awful that we have to go through all this because of one man."

Ukraine Russia

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Ukraine has banned men aged 18-60 from leaving the country for at least 30 days, as the armed forces ramp up conscription orders in response to Russian military invasion.

A movement restriction statement was made by the State Border Guard Service on Thursday night, as the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced general military mobilisation after Russia launched missile attacks on multiple cities earlier in the day.

On Wednesday, Ukraine started calling up reservists of fighting age for a maximum service period of one year. National military service is compulsory in the Ukraine for people aged 20-27, with reservists on standby until 65.

“Ukrainian male citizens who are physically qualified for military service, over 18 years old and older, but who have not reached the age of 27, and who have no right for exemption from military service will be conscripted,” a former Military Duty and Military Service decree read.

Ukrainian women became required last October to register for military conscription in the event of a war outbreak, but are yet to be summoned by the country.

Meanwhile, reports out of breakaway area Donbas — declared “independent” by Vladimir Putin — said Russian separatist forces are threatening local Ukrainians with jail time if they don’t comply with mobilisation orders, and are also prohibited from leaving the area.

Boys as young as 14 years old have already been forcibly enlisted by the rebel occupants. “Some say people are literally looking for places to hide in to avoid forced conscription,” said Kyiv Independent journalist Anastasiia Lapatina on Sunday.  

As of Thursday, Ukraine has been in a state of emergency with martial law imposed for 30 days, with Zelenskyy offering weapons to civilians who want to help defend their home as well.

“The future of our Ukrainian people depends on every citizen. Everyone who has combat experience and can join the defence of Ukraine must come to the appropriate centres,” he said.