People Are Channeling Their Despair Into Memes After The UK Election

When saddened by the state of democracy, make memes.

Boris Johnson UK election

The first results are starting to trickle in from the UK election, and if exit polls are correct — which they generally are — then it appears Boris Johnson is set to remain as British Prime Minister.

Not only that, his Conservative party is tipped to get the largest majority in decades.

Yes, Boris. This man. The one who looks like he’s never been within one hundred yards of a hairbrush in his life.

Boris Johnson has a disaster of a Twitter video.

This election was considered to be the ‘Brexit election’, with Johnson pledging to leave the European Union by January 31 if elected — three long years after the UK first voted for Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, was campaigning for a second referendum that would have given the UK the chance to remain with the EU.

While Boris is decidedly right-wing, described by many as the UK’s Donald Trump, Corbyn is popular amongst young Britons for his socialist policies.

I mean, not every politician can incite a chant at Glastonbury.

But honestly, people were just hoping for a leader who hasn’t repeatedly shown evidence of racism, sexism and homophobia. It shouldn’t be that much to ask.

So what else can people do when the polls have closed and they still feel like their voices aren’t being heard? Make memes, obviously.

A lot of people are also checking in on Scotland, who voted to remain as part of the UK in a 2014 independence referendum only to get dragged into their Brexit mess only two years later.

Honestly, people are really mad.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find Hugh Grant and give him a big hug.