Everyone’s Obsessed With This Incredibly Cooked Tyra Banks And Beyoncé Interview

"Brie-oncyè: What's your favourite cheese?"

tyra beyoncé interview pun

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Back in the days when Beyoncé actually promoted her music, she would visit The Tyra Banks Show.

In 2007, Beyoncé chatted to Tyra Banks about her new album B’Day, her Sasha Fierce alter-ego, her new movie Dreamgirls and her experience with fame. Beyoncé then brought out her mum, sister and nephew and performed ‘Déjà Vu’ for the studio audience. She even shared her secret talent of being cross-eyed in an interview that was not only fun, but insightful too.

But a year later when Beyoncé came to promo her next album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, Tyra Banks took a totally different approach. Keeping up the air of fun, Tyra decided to interview Beyoncé only through puns.

“The first category is: ‘Beyoncé my name, say my name’,” Tyra started. “First one: buy-oncé, when was the last time you bought something in a store?”

This style of questions continued throughout the interview with Tyra quizzing Beyoncé on seances, cheese, and American Idol. Beyoncé played along and answered that she bought 20 of her own albums, that she would chat to her grandmother, and that she loves yellow cheddar.

The absolutely bonkers interview continued with the ‘Sasha Fierce’ category, where Tyra quizzed Beyoncè with word play like Slosh-a Fierce, Squash-a Fierce and Josh-a Fierce. The fever dream of an interview was cut up by @DannyPellegrino and quickly went viral on Twitter – for obvious reasons.

People began joking that this was the interview that made Beyoncé decide to stop her press tours. But the full interview shows that Tyra and Beyoncè actually had a whole lot of fun with the pun-filled chat.

Plus, the Tyra Show was notorious for its weird take on the talk show experience. So Beyoncé definitely knew what she was in for, and apparently loved coming in so much that she would come in early and stay back late whenever she visited.

You can watch the full interview with all of Beyoncé’s responses here: