Two Water Buffalo Are On The Loose In Newtown, Because Of Course They Are

This is not a drill.

In breaking and ridiculous news this morning, two water buffalo, apparently commissioned to star in an ad shoot, have broken loose in Newtown.

According to Sydney Uni student Rachel Murdolo, who spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald, the buffalo were meandering down the strip at around 10am towards any number of frozen yoghurt outlets, being filmed by a buggy.

“It was kind of bizarre but it was Newtown so I didn’t think it was that unusual,” Murdolo said, hilariously. Two minutes later, a police car sped past her, followed by a fire truck.

According to Twitter and The Herald, the buffalo were cornered in someone’s backyard near Missenden Road in Camperdown, and loaded into a truck.

If anyone recognises this yard as their own, please get in touch. We have a few questions for you.

The infamous Newtown goats and that massive spotted Redfern pig have all been approached for comment. More to come.