Twitter Is Not Very Happy With Redfoo Over This Whole ‘Literally I Can’t’ Business

"You annoyin' me 'cause you talkin'/Shut the fuck up."

“Popular “musician” Redfoo is in a little bit of hot water after releasing a song so sexist, creepy and generally terrible it makes ‘Blurred Lines’ around like Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’. The lyrics include charming phrases like “You got a big ol’ butt/I can tell by the way you walkin’/But you annoyin’ me, ’cause you talkin'” and has a refrain which is literally just a bunch of dudes screaming “shut the fuck up!” at women.

You can listen to it below if you missed your regular wake-me-up smack in the back of a head with a cricket bat this morning.

Naturally, this took about eight seconds to blow up in everyone’s faces, because women are getting very antsy about being told to shut up and be sex objects for giant man-children these days for some inconceivable reason. A petition to pressure Channel 7 into sacking Redfoo from the judging panel of X Factor Australia has already garnered almost 6,000 signatures, and Redfoo is finally getting notifications on Twitter for once, although probably not the kind he’d like.

Redfoo heroically took to the airwaves to defend himself, claiming the song isn’t sexist because it doesn’t use the word “slut”, using the classic “no one can take a joke!” defence favoured by enterprising deadshits everywhere, and reiterating that he Just Loves Everyone So Much You Guys, So Much Love For You All Right Now.

Considering Australia’s recently gotten a taste for riding sexist douchebags out of town on a rail, this probably isn’t the last we’ve heard of the whole thing.