People Are Sharing The First DM Slide That Led To Their Relationships And It’s Delightful

How it started/How it ended.

Online dating

People on Twitter are sharing ‘how it started’ and ‘how it ended’ images, showing the first DM slide that led to a relationship and love. 

We all know social media and dating apps can be an absolute cesspool, but people are sharing bright spots that might make you believe in love (and Twitter) again.

If you are on social media for long enough you have probably DM’d someone, or had someone DM you, with the intent of having a flirt and sussing out if there’s a ‘let’s have a date’ vibe. Sometimes these are unwanted DMs from unwanted people, and you are forced to decline, ignore or block them. But sometimes they are from people you are actually interested in, and that’s where the magic happens, and where this new trend comes in.

Showing two images under ‘how it started’ and ‘how it ended’, we are getting to see the very first contact between two people online, and then jumping to them in a serious relationship.

Reading some of the first DM slides makes me feel slightly embarrassed like I shouldn’t be privy to it, and also seeing other people’s flirting can be cringe, but it’s ultimately all extremely sweet and nice.

I’m not jealous! I’m also not sure why the majority of these seem to be queer relationships, it is not my inherent bias only choosing them for once, it just happens to be that way.

No wait here’s some, relax.

Of course, because it’s Twitter, some people jumped on the trend in order to make jokes, and I have to respect it.

So I guess what you can take from this is to shoot your shot (respectfully), and see what happens. Or just go ahead and order pizza, which you know will be reliably good. Either way!