A ‘Twilight’ Fan Has Unearthed A Deleted Scene About Poop And Everyone’s Horrified

The nature of humanity is that every few years we remember the Twilight extended editions and lose our minds.


It is a strange comfort to me that no matter what happens in this uncertain world, and even 12 years after Twilight‘s release, hardcore fans are still finding new things to laugh, cry and cringe at in the film. Especially in 2020, thanks to a new Twilight and book and because quarantine madness probably.

Most recently a fan on TikTok, user honeydxo, discovered a deleted scene in which Bella talks about… poop. Specifically, chinchilla poop.

The extended scene takes place when Bella first visits the Cullen’s home and is admiring the trinkets in Edward’s room. Bella is admiring Edward’s rainstick (absolutely not a euphemism, I swear), and remarks that she and her mum used to make them using “droppings” from Bella’s pet chinchilla and toilet paper rolls. “Maybe that’s weird,” she laughs uncomfortably, as Edward says… nothing.

And why would he? Why would ninety-something-year-old vampire mind reader Eddie Cullen, who’s been pretending to be a pubescent high schooler for decades, find the fact his gf made rainsticks out of lizard pooh weird?

Regardless, many a Twilight fan who had not been privy to this most excellent deleted gem were mind-blown. Even screenwriter, Alanna Bennett tweeted she is “haunted” by the exchange.

The original TikTok video makes a compelling case for the scene’s inclusion. The commentary says, “I know why everybody says that Bella doesn’t have a personality and its because they left out THIS scene right here.”

For all you Twi-hards on Tiktok, honeydxo is watching through the extended editions of the Twilight Saga on their TikTok. Bella’s recycled chinchilla droppings are not the only deleted and extended gems to be found. For instance, there is also this scene from Breaking Dawn Part 1 in which Rosalie serves Jacob a hot dog in a dog bowl, and the scene ends in…honestly, there are some things one must witness themselves.

I highly recommend having a scroll through honeydxo’s TikTok rewatch of the Twilight Saga extended editions for equal dosages of cringe, dopamine and also the specific emotion of, “wait, they actually filmed that scene from the book?”

Personally, I loved finding this scene where Carlisle and Esme actually, you know, act like a couple of parents to a ninety-something-year-old vampire mind reader who just got his first gf in decades.

The Twilight Saga is streaming Netflix.