Twelve memes that accurately describe uni life

Take a break from your hard studying (ha, I can’t even say that with a straight face) and take a look at these relatable memes that will make you laugh and cry. Enjoy!

The best kind of units

Or when the lecturer tells you that a guest speaker will be coming to talk to the class, AKA I’m taking a day off and not going to be learning jack shit this week. #ByeFelecia

When uni life takes its toll

Even though I’ve spent the past hour arranging my highlighters and making 50 palm cards, none of the information is sinking in and I have an exam tomorrow and I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown haha #unilyfe am I right?

When you’re an independent doggo

This is also what it feels like when you’re doing an online unit. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing but just like this doggo, I’m going to try my best!


I could’ve been backpacking through Europe or relaxing in a Japanese onsen right now, but no I’m sitting in a lecture sipping my third coffee wondering what the fuck is going on and if I have enough money for lunch. Do yourself a favour and take a gap year.

When you don’t care anymore

When you don’t proof read an essay because it will just make you sad. The best you can do is submit the piece of trash you’ve hastily thrown together and ask the lecturer for forgiveness.

Treat yo self

To be fair, everybody deserves some downtime in this busy week leading up to exams. You don’t really need to start studying, now right? You’ve still got heaps of time left, right?

This is what hell looks like

More like the four stages of the hopes and dreams you once nurtured as a wide, doe-eyed adolescent withering into a depressing puddle of hopelessness. Or, more simply, first years to third years students.

May the odds be ever in your favour

Especially satisfying when you get a useless teacher, you’ve got heaps of dirt on them and you’re ready to get savage af. And of course, you’re wanting to improve the unit for future students… but mainly you want to watch the lecturer BURN.

I’m putting myself in debt for this??

Yeah I’m not paying thousands of dollars per semester for you to read off a PowerPoint buddy. If I had of known it would’ve been like this I would’ve done the unit online and alternated the lectures between Netflix.

When referencing is your life now

I swear, referencing will be the death of me. Why do I have to cite? Why can’t you just trust me and take my word that this is my content? I mean it’s not but still…

When you hate yourself

Unfortunately, if you have absolutely no motivation to study, chances are you’re never going to get off that couch no matter what time limit you set for yourself. Want some really bad advice? Give up and start again tomorrow.

When you’re laughing but the pain is real

Seriously, although uni life can be kinda shitty, hang in there. All this suffering and sleep deprivation will all be worth it when you put on the cap and gown and walk that walk. Yes you will have a huge amount of crippling debt, but hey, no more referencing!

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is studying a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon. 

Image: Parks and Recreation