Malcolm Turnbull Reckons Tony Abbott Has “A Great Body”

Sometimes budgie smugglers just really speak to you, y'know?

There’s no easy way to say this, but here goes: Australia’s current prime minister (Malcolm Turnbull, fyi) just went on national TV to let us know he thinks his predecessor Tony Abbott has “a great body”.

This gem of an insight came in the middle of a game of “Yeah, Nah” on Today this morning, a delightfully nuanced game where guests respond to stimuli with a paddle reading “yeah” or “yeah, nah”. After being presented with a picture of Tony Abbott, glistening wet and clad only in budgie smugglers, Turnbull quickly flipped his paddle to “yeah, nah” and then rushed to qualify his answer.

“I honestly think he’s got a great body, he’s very fit” he said, “But I do think that politicians should stay fully clad at all times.”

We can only imagine how Turnbull showers.

If any of the above inspires you to make fun of Malcolm, there’s more good news: by appearing on the program, our glorious leader has provided us with a range of choice screenshots of him cheerfully holding signs containing simplistic, poorly-thought-out responses that can be applied to almost anything.

This is ideal if you want to, say, mock a political leader for making simplistic, poorly thought out choices. Just a thought.