Just Our Favourite Reactions To The Try Guys Cheating Scandal

"Babe wake up, they're cancelling someone you've never heard before."

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Who could’ve expected that a bunch of us would be so invested in a cheating scandal involving Try Guys, a weird posse of American YouTubers who this week experienced their fall from grace.

Yes, Ned Fulmer, a man who many of us first heard about on Wednesday, apparently cheated on his wife Ariel, and for some reason the internet can’t get enough of it. Part of the reason may be that Fulmer was reportedly a ‘wife guy‘ — a heterosexual man who makes an incredibly big deal about being married to a woman, and even profits from it.

So all hell broke loose when it emerged that Fulmer — again, a man who many of us don’t know — apparently cheated on his wife with Try Guys producer Alex Herring. Can you believe it? Yes, you probably can.

In light of this unscrupulous scandal, we thought it only right to collate our favourite Twitter reactions from people who have mostly never watched a single Try Guys YouTube episode in their lives.

Please enjoy!