The Try Guys Confirm Ned Fulmer Is Dead To Them In New Five-Minute Apology Video

"Ned has engaged in conduct unbecoming of our team."

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“Ned Fulmer is no longer working with the Try Guys”, dispatches a stern-faced Zach Kornfeld in a new YouTube video; a sentence that would’ve made zero sense to many of us just two weeks ago. But this week we are ripe and ready.

The YouTubers recently made headlines when noted ex-Wife Guy Ned Fulmer — that is, a straight man who uses his love for his wife to bolster his image — reportedly cheated on her with producer Alexandria Herring, with the story making headlines in every outlet from Buzzfeed to The New York Times.

The buzz around the scandal seemed to signal a greater frustration with married heterosexual men exploiting the low standard expected from them in general. Think Barack Obama, Prince Harry, and (pre-2021) John Mulaney — these guys love and are committed to their wives, and they’re gifted with brownie points accordingly.

So much of the buzz last week can probably be attributed to the schadenfreude that comes from watching the whole ‘wife guy’ schtick collapse. I mean, if there’s anything the Don’t Worry Darling drama has taught us, it’s that we simply love mess.

Anyway, the disgraced Wife Guys team, minus our friend Ned took to YouTube this morning to say their piece on the adulterous events that had unfolded on their watch, and frankly, the whole thing’s very funny.

“We want to give you a timeline into what transpired and some transparency into our decision-making,” said Kornfeld, sandwiched on a sofa by Keith Habersberger, who we can’t tell is about to laugh or cry, and a visibly livid Eugene Lee Yang. Incidentally, Yang looks amazing.

Habersberger is next to pipe up, alluding to Fulmer’s “public romantic behaviour”, at which point Kornfeld’s head drops his head in shame. He adds that Ned confirmed the PDA and added it had been “going on for some time,” at which point Yang seems to become even more incensed.

Habersberger then goes on to confirm that the remaining Try Guys trio had no idea this flagrant adultery was taking place on their watch, before which Yang finally says his piece.

“We were acutely aware of just how contrary this was to the values of the company we built, and everyone who works here,” he says. It’s unclear what those values are, but some of the Try Guys’ popular videos include: “The Try Guys try Labor Pain Simulation” and “Try Guys Try On Women’s Thongs,” so we’re guessing their values are… being into gender binaries?

Kornfeld then goes on to say Fulmer will be removed from the Try Guys’ releases and merchandise going forward.

“There are several videos that we’ve deemed as fully unreleasable. You will never see them and that’s due to his involvement,” he adds.

Yang later spins off some vague feminist flourish, stating: “the internet tends to be a lot harsher on women than men, please we ask that you exercise kindness.” A noble thought for a group of grown men who try on girls’ undies for clicks.

Watch the Try Guys’ full apology video below.