This White Guy Singing Bruno Mars To No One At Trump’s Party Has Become A Wonderful Meme

"Me when I was 7 performing for my stuffed animals and imaginary friends."

trump party guy bruno mars awful photo meme

Over the weekend, US President Donald Trump hosted his Fourth Of July party at the White House, pandemic be damned (or rather, ignored).

Even by Trump standards, it was a a grim affair, with a scattered crowd waving flags with slightly demonic grins plastered on their faces. And if there was one moment that truly encapsulated the atmosphere, it was this clip of the Army band singing Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ to…almost no one.

If that clip doesn’t bring about a visceral, gut reaction of shame and horror, I’m not sure you’re fully alive. To add insult to injury, it was quickly pointed out on Twitter that Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama hosted the real Bruno Mars at his Fourth of July party back in 2015.

The reaction to the clip was immediate, and brutal.

And, given this is the internet we’re taking about, it was immediately turned into a fantastic meme. Scroll down for some of our favourites.