Trump Tried To Woo Kim Jong-Un By Showing Him A Fake Movie Trailer Starring Them As The Heroes

It is extremely weird.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met face to face in Singapore. It was a historic occasion, like something out of a big budget Hollywood film. Which I guess makes it kind of fitting, in a bizarro universe kind of way, that Trump apparently tried to sell Kim on peace between their two nations by showing him an insane fake trailer for a movie starring them as the heroes.

Trump reportedly showed the clip to Kim on an iPad during their meeting, and later told reporters that “I think he loved it”.

The trailer begins with time lapse footage of iconic world locations, including the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal and Times Square, interspersed with images that look like they belong in a North Korean propaganda video — right down to a shot of children frolicking in Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung square.

“Seven billion people inhabit planet earth,” intones a narrator. “Of those alive today, only a small number will leave a lasting impact. And only the very few will make decisions or take actions that renew their homeland and change the course of history.”

The trailer goes on to juxtapose grim black and white images of military manoeuvres with optimistic stock footage of glistening city skylines, fast moving trains, and clouds. Lots and lots of clouds.

“There past doesn’t have to be the future,” the narrator explains. “Out of the darkness can come the light.”

Things continue in this manner for four mind-boggling minutes. Missiles fly backwards back onto their launching docks. Horses run in slow motion. A drone delivers a package. A child slides down a slide.

“A story about a special moment in time, when a man is presented with one chance that may never be repeated,” the narrator continues. “What will he choose? To show vision and leadership… or not.”

“Featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un, in a meeting to remake history.”

You can watch the entire trailer below. And trust me, you definitely should.