Truly Apocalyptic Footage Of The Giant Escaped Minion That Rampaged Through Ireland Has Emerged

28 Minions Later.

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I remember where I was when the world ended.

When They came for us.


It began in Ireland, when one of Them broke free from its cage and went on the run, crushing cars and scooping little Irish children into its giant, grinning mouth. That was the start of the war…if you could even call what followed a war. We never stood a chance.

The only hope we have of stopping them is a video, taken on that first day. The file was corrupted — the smartphone it was filmed on had absorbed too much blood — but the tech brains in Quarantine managed to retrieve it.

If we can unlock its secrets — if we can get any insight at all into Their methods, Their motivations, and any weaknesses we could exploit — we might just be able to make it through this.

It’s a long shot, but we have to try. So the brave soul who filmed this, and all the others who came after, didn’t die in vain.