Troye Sivan Went On ‘The Project’ Last Night And It Was Painstakingly Awkward

Troye: "Suddenly I regret all of this."

troye sivan

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Ahead of the release of his second album Bloom, Australian pop-wunderkind Troye Sivan appeared on The Project last night, where he was quizzed just a little too much on his innuendo-filled lyrics.

Seeing as Bloom has been promoted as a sexual coming-of-age (the album’s title track is a confirmed ‘bop about bottoming’), The Project‘s panel jumped straight into unpacking ‘the meaning’ behind some of Sivan’s more salacious lyrics.

Waleed Aly begins with by asking what the lyric “do that thing we never do sober” means in ‘Dance To This’, his steamy, low-tempo duet with Ariana Grande.

And while Sivan plays along by talking about ‘the cheeky smile’ he had while writing that lyric, the segment induces a lot of cringe when Aly and guest panelist Rove McManus jokingly demand he be more specific and tell them what “the thing” is.

“There are plenty of things,” he says, “I think, but it’s probably better left unsaid.”

McManus then pushes it further by reciting some ‘Bloom’ lyrics to Sivan before asserting the lyrics aren’t just about flowers. Sivan quickly confirms it’s about sex, prompting McManus to joke that he “knew it! I knew something about the young people’s music.”

It’s all just a little awkward and slightly off — given the 6.30pm time-slot, it’s kind of unclear what they want Sivan to say, or what exactly the joke is, beyond ‘young people have sex’.

To their credit, the panelists definitely make light about the weird line-of-questioning and McManus’s erudite reading. As does Sivan. “Suddenly I regret all of this,” he joked. “I regret putting out the album, I wish I never did it.”

The interview picks up a little bit of steam when they move on, though the weird energy never quite dissipates. When they ask about some trolling YouTube comments under his fashion-forward Bloom music video, Sivan implies they’re presenting his own tweets about the comments as The Project‘s own content. “They’re funny,” he says. “I tweeted about all these, didn’t I?”.

Watch the interview below, where Sivan also talks about visiting childhood friends back in Perth and performing with Taylor Swift.