You Need To Watch Troye Sivan And Lauv Utterly Fuck Up Cooking A Simple Pasta Dish

They even almost leave the gas on.

Troye Sivan and Lauv try to cook

Troye Sivan and Lauv dropped their collab ‘i’m so tired…’ back in January, but it seems the two can’t get enough of each other, as they’ve just released a ‘Cooking Show’ on YouTube. Judging by the results, we’re guessing this will be their first and last episode, which is a shame, because watching the two pop-stars repeatedly screw up making tomato fusilini.

That’s kind of the whole idea, though: the two introduce the video by saying they’re ‘so tired of being a lazy ass motherfucker’, and want to learn how to cook a simple dish. Given Lauv has only ‘cooked chicken and eggs’ before, they’ve got their work cut out for them. Plus, Sivan’s time in the kitchen with the Bon Appétit team doesn’t inspire confidence either.

And so, mistakes occur. Highlights include Lauv not knowing a clove of Garlic isn’t the whole bulb, Sivan repeatedly mispronouncing ‘shallot’, Lauv using the wrong side of a cheese grater, and some very burnt onions.

“We’re fucking useless,” Sivan says, after a minute or two of struggling to use a can opener. “…Why do I know how to survive?”

To be fair, there are a few good tips here. Sivan lets Lauv know that he should cook pasta with salt, not oil, as the latter prevents the sauce from sticking. It takes a good few years in a share house to learn that one.

And the verdict? Well, despite almost dropping it all over the stove and leaving the gas on, the duo seem happy with the dish, though they noticeably don’t say how it tastes.

Maybe the duo should stick to music, as it’s what they’re best at — and if you need proof, watch the video below, or catch Lauv on his Australian tour this November, supported by Carlie Hanson.