Triple M Issues Shithouse Non-Apology Over “Ozzest 100” Countdown

Sorry, not sorry.

Following two days of fiery backlash over its decision to hold a Hottest 100-inspired countdown on Australia Day, Triple M has released a statement confirming it will push ahead with it plans for the “Ozzest 100”.

The announcement of the countdown was met with fierce backlash on social media, particularly from indigenous Australians, who said Triple M’s decision to hold an Australia Day countdown completely ignored the reason triple j decided to move its Hottest 100 countdown in the first place.

But in an email to Music Feeds, the station’s Head of Content Mike Fitzpatrick wrote that Triple M has always been “avid supporters” of Aussie music, and that would continue on Australia Day.

“At Triple M we are avid supporters of Aussie music and like we do throughout the year and every Australia Day we will celebrate Aussie artists,” Fitzpatrick wrote.

Fitzpatrick didn’t address the intense criticism the station has received since its announcement on Wednesday. Many people have accused the station of being wilfully tone deaf and outright offensive towards Indigenous Australians.

“Bottom feeding, redneck scum,” A.B. Original’s Briggs wrote on Twitter. “Pandering to white nationalists & racists. Vultures, Fuck em.

“We should ruin TripleM’s redneck countdown and stick A.B.Originals and Dan Sultan’s ‘January 26’ right in the middle of their cross burning.”

Even Triple M’s own announcers oppose the decision. Comedian and breakfast host Wil Anderson tweeted that he was “extremely shocked and disappointed” in Triple M.

Triple j announced last month that it would be changing the date of its famous countdown, moving it away from January 26 in order to make the day more inclusive of Indigenous Australians.