Triple J Accidentally Played A Metal Riff For Five Hours Straight

If you awoke to the sounds of a metal riff on loop on Sunday morning, you weren't alone.

triple j technical fault thornhill photo

Radio’s a tough gig: the text line is out of control, bands don’t stick to any kind of interview script, and sometimes, sometimes, technical difficulties will see you play the same metal riff over and over for nearly five hours.

That last cruel fate was bestowed on triple j over the weekend, when a technical fault around the daylight savings switch reportedly saw the station play the riff from a Thornhill song for nearly five hours on repeat in the Northern Territory on Sunday morning.

“The Northern Territory doesn’t mess around with daylight savings,” triple j Content Director Ollie Wards said in a statement. “So while some states had a nice soft sleep in on Sunday, we figured our hardcore listeners in the NT would be up for some metalcore. On repeat. All morning.”

The official fault report as revealed by triple j said as follows: “After the DLS changeover the delay unit feeding triple j NT had became locked into a short heavy metal loop.”

Which is a hell of a way to wake up on a Sunday morning.

The riff — which played out from 4.30am — was taken from the Melbourne bands thundering track ‘Lily & The Moon’. Do yourself a favour and listen to the full track below, and put yourself in the mental state of the entire Northern Territory on Sunday morning.