Triple J Did A Bacteria Test On Used Festival Wristbands And It Was Really, Really Gross

Take off your Splendour wristband, RIGHT NOW.

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You know those people who continue to wear their music festival wristbands weeks after the festival has finished? I’ve never understood people like that. Well, today triple j have confirmed what we all sort of knew to be true but is now inescapable: those flimsy wristbands are hotbeds of grime and harmful bacteria. Yay!

In a video on their Facebook this afternoon, Veronica and Lewis asked a microbiologist called Dr. Nick (and yes, he does indulge The Simpsons reference) to test a variety of bands sent in by some dude who was even still wearing one from 2009 (yeuchhhh!).

“I would advise people against wearing them for years and years and years,” said Dr. Nick, a hint of judgement in his voice.

Excuse me while I go and have twenty showers, bye.