A Tradie Blasted Heavy Metal Music Outside A Sydney Abortion Clinic To Annoy Protestors

Everyday hero.

Abortion Tradie

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It was one of the last times that people would be able to stand outside abortion clinics in NSW and protest those walking in, and one tradie had had enough.

Footage captured by University of Sydney Women’s Officer Madeleine Ward over the weekend shows a tradie cranking up the heavy metal music coming from his car stereo, in order to drown out the protestors at a reproductive health clinic in Surry Hills.

god bless the tradie that rolled up to the abortion clinic this morning and started blasting Drowning Pool to piss off the protesters

Posted by Artemisia Gentileschi on Friday, 15 June 2018


“The tradie was there and we had a chat to him about what we were doing,” Ward, who had volunteered to escort patients into the clinic, told Junkee. “The protestors started singing ‘Silent Night’, and he was like ‘fuck that’, so he turned up the stereo in his car,” she continued. “The protestors got a bit irate, and shouted through the barrier ‘turn it down’.”

Police were called by the protestors, and they requested that the tradie turn the music down once they arrived.

A week and a half ago, NSW parliament passed legislation that established 150-metre safe access zones outside reproductive health clinics in the state. It comes into effect on 13 July.

Greens MP Tamara Smith said that the bill was about “safe access”.

“This is about the shaming of women, this is about the harassment of women, this is about the gaslighting of women… We think safe access zones are really great — we’ve been campaigning for them for the majority of a year,” she said. People will be able to access the medical service without getting harassed and yelled at and screamed at.”

As for the tradie, Ward said she was trying to track him down.

Junkee has reached out to the construction company for comment, but are yet to hear a response.

“We want to buy him a beer,” Ward said.