Aussie TikTok Users Have Turned Tracy Grimshaw Into A Terrifying Meme

Nothing's scarier than doing something bad and hearing Tracy Grimshaw's voice behind you.

Current Affair Tracy Grimshaw TikTok

Australians love nothing more than bashing on ‘A Current Affair’ and taking the absolute piss out of things.

And lucky for us, a couple of genius Aussies on TikTok managed to combine the two for a hilarious new trend.

The Tracy Grimshaw meme riffs off the popular John Quiñones “Excuse Me Ma’am” trend that follows a similar format. In the “Excuse Me Ma’am” meme, the scenarios revolve around moral dilemmas and the show What Would You Do? 

Whereas the Tracy Grimshaw TikTok trend aims to dramatise all the stories that A Current Affair love to target. The videos each end with Tracy Grimshaw’s iconic show intro: “Hello I’m Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to A Current Affair.”

The first ever Tracy Grimshaw TikTok parodied an all-time favourite A Current Affair topic: the elderly getting scammed.

The trend was created by user @michael.nf3, who mashed up Roar’s ‘I Can’t Handle Change‘ with real audio from A Current Affair. Roar’s 2010 track has been used throughout similar style TikToks, including the programs Queer Eye and What Would You Do?

But for Australians, it’s Tracy Grimshaw’s voice that’s instantly recognisable and now synonymous with the popular current-affairs show.

After fellow Aussie’s found the Tracy Grimshaw audio, they started flooding the platform with other pisstakes of the topics that A Current Affair covers. This was easy enough to do as A Current Affair is pretty well-known for it’s coverage of fluff topics over hard-hitting news.

A few favourites of the program include broken border patrol laws, and dodgy tradies and their scamming of the vulnerable.

Some Aussies even decided to localise the trend by making TikToks about Sovereign Hill, a popular gold mining school excursion for Victorian residents.

But despite how exaggerated the Tracy Grimshaw TikTok scenarios are, they somehow all still seem like plausible story lines for the program.