You Can Now Find Your Top Lockdown Tracks On Spotify, Which Might Be A Little Too Revealing

The data doesn't lie.


We’re all guilty of doing things a little differently in COVID-lockdown life, especially when it comes to what we’re comfort streaming. Where only God can judge you for watching NCIS from start to finish, a new Spotify plug-in reveals your top lockdown tracks to the whole world — if you’re willing to share.

Run by ticketing company Tixel, the plug-in scours through your Spotify history to find your top 3 most-listened tracks during the lockdown period.

They say you should “show your support to your favourite artists by sharing the songs you’ve streamed most during isolation”, but to be honest, a better way to do that is to give them money, if you can. Still, it’s a cute little feature.

I did a test run, and discovered that writing about Normal People really ruined (or perfected, depending on your mileage) my top three. MMm, what can I say — Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide And Seek’ just gets me (and Connell and Maryanne).

The Tixel Top Lockdown Songs Card, formatted for Instagram stories.

Find your own top three over on Tixel.

But be warned, it might reveal more than you’re ready for — like the person whose top song was fka Twigs’ absolutely devastating ‘Cellophane’, or the on-the-nose titledĀ ‘Cyber Sex’ by Doja Cat.