Tom Cruise Has Confirmed A ‘Top Gun’ Sequel And Twitter Has The Plot Covered

"Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise is now a teacher at Top Gun school and all the students are drones. He's the only actor in the movie."

top gun

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Great balls of fire! Fresh off bringing the words “Tom Cruise in The Mummy” into the public’s collective consciousness, the action star has confirmed that the oft-rumoured Top Gun 2 “is definitely happening” — with filming likely to start within the next year.

He broke the news this morning on Sunrise because sure, why not.

The Sunrise team seem as taken aback as Cruise seems maniacally nonchalant about dropping what is, when you think of Top Gun’s place in the pop culture psyche, actually probably one of the biggest sequel news bombs in recent history.

The internet has reacted in much in the way you’d expect, launching theories about its contents at the speed of a Goose into a piece of airplane. Some of them are a bit Too Real:

Not all are quite so dark:

Would watch.