Melbourne Woman Allegedly Crashes Her Luxury Car, Literally Drives Away Without Tyres

The footage is wild.


The owner of a luxury Range Rover was caught on camera high-tailing it down a Melbourne alleyway without her front tyres or a large section of the front of her vehicle, after allegedly smashing into a house.

As getaways go, it wasn’t great.

The 53-year-old woman is alleged to have crashed into a home in South Yarra at around 5pm on Tuesday, before reversing and driving away. She was later filmed driving down they alley in neighbouring Toorak with her front airbag deployed, her front bumper bar scraping along the road, and her front tyres in shreds.

“She came around the corner and the tyre came off the rim, and then she parked and jumped out and put the tyre in the passenger seat,” a witness who filmed the incident told 7 News. “It’s insane that she even got this far.”

Police were seen running after the vehicle on foot. After she was finally apprehended, she allegedly blew a blood alcohol reading of 0.099, nearly twice the legal limit.

So I guess this is peak Toorak.