Please Enjoy Tony Armstrong Accidentally Saying “Bulging Dick” On ABC News

An easy mistake to make.

Tony Armstrong

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Tony Armstrong is one of the most exciting, endlessly joyful figures on Australian TV right now, a veritable ball of walking light.

Everything that the man touches turns to gold. He’s smart, socially aware, and dedicated to a range of causes — including the simple job of bringing happiness and an informative, professional demeanour to any story he announces.

And as it turns out, even his blunders are incredible. Yep, this morning, on live television, Tony Armstrong stumbled into one of the most fraught situations a news reader can find themselves in: a particularly NSFW blooper. While discussing a “bulging disc” Armstrong accidentally said… something else.

Just watch the clip, and have your day made.

Not only is the blooper itself incredible, but so is Armstrong’s commendable recovery. “That was a funny one,” has got to be one of the most humble, self-aware responses to a stuff-up in recent memory, and Armstrong let it loose from his lips immediately.

And then there’s that laugh, a peal of pure self-depreciation, coming from a man with his arms crossed, aware that he’s just given Twitter one of the greatest gifts possible.

Onya Tony. Keep being you, please — bulging dicks included.