Tony Abbott Visited Convicted Paedophile George Pell In Prison And People Are Disgusted

"Normal people don't stay 'friends' with convicted paedophiles."

Tony Abott George Pell

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People are disgusted after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was spotted yesterday visiting the jail where convicted paedophile Cardinal George Pell is being held.

Yesterday, Abbott told reporters he was “simply visiting a friend” after being spotted leaving the Melbourne Assessment Prison where Pell is serving out a six year sentence. Abbott declined to confirm exactly who he was visiting, and ignored questions about Pell’s wellbeing.

Despite being found guilty earlier this year of molesting two teenage choir boys in 1996, Pell remains Australia’s highest ranking Catholic.

We already know that Abbott is one of Pell’s biggest fans. He described him as a “fine man” after he was charged, phoned him after his conviction, and has repeatedly refused to withdraw support for him.

Some people argued that Abbott can do what he wants now that he’s left politics, but that excuse didn’t sit well with many, who argued that a former prime minister should be held to a higher standard.

After Pell was found guilty, Abbott said he accepted the court’s decision, but it was subject to appeal. In August the Victorian Court Of Appeal rejected Pell’s case 2-1.

He has since been given leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia, with a hearing due for next year.