What The Fuck Is Tony Abbott Even Doing In This Video?

He is a deeply weird man.

Tony Abbott, extremely awkward

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Tony Abbott, Ex-Prime Minister, The Suppository of All Wisdom, Lord of the Onions and Patron Saint of White Ants, was in Parliament on Wednesday for the unveiling of Julia Gillard’s official portrait. And he was extremely fucking awkward about it.

In a minute-long video that went viral on Twitter overnight, Abbott can be seen waiting in line to greet his former rival while simultaneously having no idea what to do with his face parts. He grimaces and seems to talk to himself, and then just sort of stands there while Gillard poses for photos with people who are not him.

He’s like a lizard, or perhaps some kind of weird prehistoric bird, or a child whose parents never taught him social mores or let him go outside because they were so embarrassed by him. And they were right to do it. They were right to keep young Tony from the world.

Anyway, let’s all point and laugh at him.