‘Tonightly’ Perfectly Skewers Triple M’s “Ozzest 100” In This Hilarious Video

"Without music, cultural insensitivity just isn't as fun."

ABC comedy show Tonightly has ripped into Triple M over their decision to hold a Hottest 100-style countdown on Australia Day next year.

The radio station announced it would be holding the “Ozzest 100” on Wednesday, and has since faced fierce backlash, particularly from Indigenous Australians, who said Triple M’s decision to hold an Australia Day countdown completely ignored the reason triple j decided to move its Hottest 100 countdown in the first place.

Local comedy crew Number One Friembs took aim at Triple M yesterday with a fake trailer for the event, and now Tonightly has joined the throng and completely skewered the idea in a video titled “Triple M: Seizing Australia Day’.”

“Music’s part of celebrating what’s best about Australia,” the host “Damo” says in introduction. “Like getting blind on goon and throwing up in your neighbour’s pool.”

He goes on to explain that the actual countdown will be made up of the “exact same songs” the station usually plays, but this time they’ll have “a number in front of them”.

“People talk about Invasion Day, but what is the real invasion?” Damo muses. “I mean, inner cities are being flooded by hipsters listening to music that’s just beeps and whistles playing on a computer.

“And in many ways, that is way more offensive than the long and slow systematic destruction of a people.”

Watch the full clip below.