The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Is A Futuristic Killer In This Bizarre Music Video For The Neighbourhood

Tearing us apart.

Tommy Wiseau has a raygun and he’s not afraid to use it. Fresh off the success of The Disaster Artist, the man behind The Room has taken on the part of a jilted lover in the futuristic music video for ‘Crazy Love’ by American rock band The Neighbourhood. And yep, it’s fucking weird.

A low-budget riff on sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, the four-minute clip sees Wiseau, dressed in sunglasses and a trench coat, track down his ex at the neon-lit diner where she works.

To be honest, the video probably isn’t going to win awards for its production design. On the plus side, we do get to see Wiseau at the top of his game, howling incoherently about love before shooting up the joint with a massive gun.

Basically, if you’re a fan of the dude’s earlier work, you should get a kick out of this.