Celebs Are Making Everyone Thirsty By Participating In The “Handstand Challenge”

Apply some hand standitiser.

Handstand Challenge

A few days ago Tom Holland recorded himself doing the ‘handstand challenge’, which is apparently putting a t-shirt on while doing a handstand. It’s taken off, with other celebs challenging each other to do the hard task.

Self-isolation is hard for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that people trapped in their homes for long periods of time are going to be extra thirsty. But helpfully, or perhaps very very unhelpfully, some celebrities have arrived to give us the content we need. None of us need hot, rich celebrities singing us ‘Imagine’, and we certainly don’t need to know if you’re bored while in your giant mansion. The only thing we need from you are short videos where you exert yourselves physically in some sort of made-up challenge, in order to please us. Preferably shirtless. Precious Tom Holland kicked all of this off a few days ago, when he attempted the challenge, and obviously found it extremely taxing.

It was apparently taxing in a different way for all the people watching also.

Things really ramped up when Holland challenged his Marvel colleague Jake Gyllenhaal to do the challenge. Gyllenhaal seemingly did it effortlessly, with much less huffing and moaning and groaning than Holland. Which I suppose is a good thing?

Anyway, people loved it.

Jake nominated Hugh Jackman, his sister Maggie, and 50 Cent (what?) to do the challenge next.

Happily, Maggie took him up on his offer, and smashed it.

Defeating every single one of them was Lolo Jones, an American Olympian, who in keeping with the thirsty theme said “first I want to thank them for having their shirt off because I haven’t seen a man in 25 days…” and then absolute smashed it, including sipping a wine.

We’ll see in coming days if other celebrities get on board (please do one 50 Cent), but even though he didn’t get shirtless, the best response overall was from Ryan Reynolds, who was challenged originally by Tom Holland.