It, Uh, Really Looks Like Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Might Have Discovered A UFO

What a world we live in.

Tom DeLonge believes he has found aliens

When Tom DeLonge announced that he was stepping away from music to pursue his UFO-hunting full-time, the jokes pretty much wrote themselves.

I mean, DeLonge’s claim to fame is his role as a co-founding member of Blink-182. He’s best-known for writing clanging pop punk songs with titles like ‘Dumpweed’, not for his prowess when it comes to exploring the fringes of the known universe.

So yes, it seemed like DeLonge’s X-Files gig was doomed to become, at best, a briefly distracting meme. After all, exactly how dumb would our world have to be for the man who wrote a record called Enema of The State to be the bridge between human and extraterrestrial life?

Well, spoiler alert, I guess: the answer is, extremely dumb. Because yep, in news that fits all too well with the rest of 2019’s brand of aggressively stupid weirdness, the US Navy has been forced to concede that objects in footage released by DeLonge are “unidentified”, fulfilling the crucial obligations of the ‘U’ in UFO.

Said footage was first dropped in December of 2017, via the UFO-hunting organisation that the Blink-182 singer runs. The grainy, black-and-white video, which runs a little under two minutes, clearly features three hulking, bizarre shapes floating into frame. At the time, the footage didn’t really hit the news, probably because the world had scarier things to focus on, like the presidency of Donald Trump.

Now however, in an exclusive interview with Motherboard, Navy spokesperson Joseph Gradisher stated on the record that “the Navy considers the phenomena contained/depicted in those three videos as unidentified.”

Of course, “unidentified” doesn’t mean aliens: it could always be an enemy spy vessel, meaning it’s not quite time to prepare for an invasion of little green men.

But still, it sure is wild that the possibility of extraterrestrial life is even in the vicinity of the table, let alone on it.

Guess DeLonge really had the last laugh after all?