This Aussie Legend Made A Song About Big Breakfasts And Everyone’s Obsessed

If you've ever regretted ordering the big breakfast... you'll understand.

tom cardy big breakfasts

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A song about the regrets associated with eating a big breakfast is exploding online right now. It’s very relatable.

The TikTok song was created by Sydney based freelance music producer and composer, Tom Cardy — it’s very funny, and as well as amassing well nearly a million views on TikTok, the song has well over 600,000 views on Twitter.

Besides creating music for podcasts and TV shows like the Moth Effect on Amazon, and Dragon Friends, Cardy also teaches musical improv and he’s got a hefty following on both TikTok and Instagram.

He told Junkee that he wrote the big breakfast song solely because he was thinking about topics that are relevant to audiences but don’t deserve anything more than a minute-and-a-half song and big breakfasts seemed just “stupid enough to write about”.

In general, Cardy’s videos, of which there are many, take about a day to produce from inception to end but the big breakfast song took about two to three days to create.

Asked about his own ideal big breakfast, Cardy said that if “you order a vegetarian or vegan one, you don’t want to kill yourself after, you don’t hate yourself” but in reality, he said he needs bacon, haloumi, baked beans, and mushrooms up in the mix.

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