Tinder Vs Bumble: Which Dating App Is Worth More Of Your Time?

We weighed up the pros and cons.

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Swiping left and right has become a norm in the dating world for most single millennials. It’s easy, fast and gets straight to the point.

Some, or perhaps many, will argue that the whole idea of online dating is narcissistic and unauthentic, but when it comes down to it we’re all guilty of using at least one of the apps when we’re single. We break down the pros and cons of two of the most popular ones: Tinder and Bumble.


Pro: Good for a casual hook up

After hearing some pretty raunchy stories from both men and women, it’s gathered that almost everyone on the app is after casual sex or even just flirty chat. It’s never really too serious, and for some that’s exactly what they desire. Lisa*, a student from University of Technology, says, “As shallow as it is selecting people mostly based on looks, Tinder is useful in speeding up the dating process, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.”

Tinder was listed as the second highest rated app that will get you laid, just behind Grindr. There are also the times where Tinder users actually do find themselves in a relationship with someone they’ve matched. Lisa* also said, “I actually met someone decent! We’ve been together for over a year and things are amazing.”

Con: Not the better app for relationship-seekers

Lisa* also told Uni Junkee, “People on Tinder might have different intentions – some people you meet might just think you’re on it for sex, but you might not want that straight away. The online world is completely different to reality.”

From most stories we’ve heard, it appears that guys are usually more forward with their intentions for casual sex, rather than anything serious.


Pro: Better for those who want a relationship

With Bumble, the girl literally has to make the first move, otherwise the match disappears after 24 hours. Whereas Tinder has a general rep for the guy making the first move. With the ball in the girl’s court, this is probably the reason why guys are likely to take Bumble a little more seriously than Tinder. It’s probably better for those who want in for the long-haul.

Con: The girls still put in no effort

Graduate student, Matt, from Macquarie University shared with us his thoughts on Bumble and Tinder. “With Tinder, it’s a hundred ‘swipe rights’ and then you have to wait twelve hours, which is annoying. Girls very rarely message first though, so there is definitely more pressure on the dude. The chicks on Bumble are quite boring – they have to message first, but just say ‘hey’ with no effort.”

Matt does have a point. Lisa described online dating as “just a new way to meet people if you’re sick of going outside,” which is the general, relaxed mindset most women in their early 20s on Tinder have.


Pro: Guys claim to receive more matches 

Graduate student, Matt, also said that he still prefers Tinder over Bumble, just because he generally receives more matches on Tinder. It’s interesting how many online dating users see these apps as a game of getting the number of matches up rather than focusing on the quality of conversation.

Con: Same old one-liners

My tinder bio is “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP” which my friend made for me in high school four years ago. Classic. But, every time I re-download the app I get the same one-liners over and over. “Is your swamp nice and moist?” and “It’s my swamp now” or “DONKEY!” It is quite hilarious, but when it’s almost every message it does get old. Next joke please.

Even when I have changed my bio, it goes back to those cheesy, old-school lines such as, “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple”. Yeah, OK Ben.


Pro: Guys are a little less creepy

The guys make more effort in getting to know you and are a little more creative with their words. Creative as in finding ways to be chivalrous, not coming up with all-time favourite Shrek quotes.

Con: The ‘BeeLine’

Similar to Tinder’s premium feature to pay for unlimited swipes, Bumble is the same deal for those who are intensely curious about who’s interested in them before they’ve matched up (aka The Beeline). And it’s annoying. No one in their early 20s is really going to want to pay $33.99 a month for a slighter chance of a hook up.

Student, Josh, said, “For men, there really is a lack of matches. Now the longer its gone on, it’s become a more pay to win aspect.” Very true, Josh.

Ultimatum: Both apps sort of suck.

Well, we think so anyway. After reading all that, you be the judge.

(Lead image: Parks and Recreation/NBC)

*Name has been changed.