This Queen Rates The Fish From Men’s Profile Pictures On Tinder, And The Results Are Hilarious

"This is not a flattering photo of you or your fish."

TikTok comedians take on fish profile pictures on Tinder

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If there’s one surefire way men on Tinder reckon you can lure a date (no pun intended), it’s a good old fashioned fish.

Sometimes, the dating app is more akin to an aquarium than a means to meet a life partner. What woman reading this story hasn’t had to swipe their way through a series of green, glassy-eyed sea basses and flounders, growing more demoralised with every single photo?

Well don’t worry. TikTok comedians know that pain all too well. And rather than letting it get them down too much, they’ve instead learned to adopt, adapt and survive, by using their expertise to rate the fish that they find on the dating app.

The finest version of this trend is this video uploaded to the app by user @rachelllooo, which has gone extremely viral on Twitter:

The trend was actually started by comedian Cala Murry, who winced and joked her way through her own video of marine creatures:

Anyway, take this as a hint, men of Tinder. Either stop using fishing photos as your profile picture on the app. Or, learn how to take better photos of fish.