Tim Minchin And Leigh Sales Previewed Tonight’s ‘7.30’ By Singing An Adorably Daggy Little Song


Most people don’t know that ABC journalist and 7.30 host Leigh Sales is kind of a musical prodigy too; she absolutely belts the theme tune on the podcast she co-hosts with Annabel Crabb, and has what Crabb describes as a “ridiculously close-to-the-surface obsession with musical theatre.”

That obsession is getting an airing on tonight’s episode, where Sales will be in conversation with Tim Minchin about the upcoming Matilda the Musical tour. That would make a welcome change from watching Joe Hockey getting aggressively flustered at close range in any case, but if the short promo video 7.30 just released is anything to go by, this is going to be the most adorably whimsical half-hour of publicly funded television since the last re-run of Antiques Roadshow.

Okay, now watch it again, only pretend that Tim Minchin is the musically precocious little child who also has shyness issues, and Leigh Sales is the slightly tipsy aunty insisting he play along with her on the piano in front of the whole family at Christmas. THE DYNAMIC IS EXACTLY THE SAME.


“You’ve got a lovely voice Tim, don’t mumble!”


“ugh Aunty Leigh why are you always like this on holidays”



This whole interview better be in jaunty song format, so help me. Australia needs this.