Tim Costello Tells His Fellow Christians That Jesus Wants Them To “Suck It Up”

"Jesus didn’t advocate for freedom of religion legislation."

tim costello

Notable Christian Tim Costello has advised his fellow Christians to follow in Lord Jesus’ footsteps and “suck it up” instead of hand-wringing over religious freedom laws, and boy do we hope Israel Folau is listening.

Costello, the former chief advocate for World Vision Australia, is currently a senior fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Speaking to The Guardian today, he pointed out that calls for religious freedom laws to defend Israel Folau’s right to insult LGBTIQ Australians are kind of the opposite of what Jesus would advocate for.

“Jesus didn’t go around demanding legislation to protect his rights. Jesus didn’t advocate for freedom of religion legislation,” Costello said. Indeed, Jesus was famously killed for his beliefs, and still rose above it.

Meanwhile, in Australia in 2019, Costello argued that Christians really aren’t facing anything close to persecution. “Christians need to calm down,” Costello said.

“I would say to Christians if you want to see persecution, let me take you to places where there is persecution of Christians and other religious groups – let me take you to Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, and I will show you persecution.”

“And if they read their Bibles, Jesus said the world will hate you and misunderstand you for following me, but to go on following, loving, serving – so I would say, just suck it up.”

It’s nice to see a Christian leader finally come out and talk some sense about this whole mess. Facing consequences for saying homophobic things is not persecution. Follow in Jesus’ footsteps and calm down.

Tim Costello image via Peter Ellis on Wikimedia Commons (CC 3.0)