This Man Skateboarding To Fleetwood Mac While Drinking Juice Has Become The Internet’s New Hero

If vibes could be a person, they would be this man.

Nathan Apodaca 420doggface208 tiktok vibe

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Millennials and Gen Z like to chuck the word “vibe” around like it’s nothing.

Seeing someone passed out drunk in a gutter after a night out? Vibe. Watching a character sob after a messy break up in a movie? Certified vibe. Spotting your mum cook you your favourite dish without even asking? Yep, you guessed it. Vibe.

But over the weekend, one man has proven that our understanding of the word vibe has been wrong this whole time. Nathan Apodaca, better known as his TikTok handle @420doggface208 and Tío TikTok, has been dubbed the Vibe King after one of his latest videos went mega-viral.

The 22-second video features Apodaca riding his skateboard on the road while chugging a giant bottle of cranberry juice, set to the musical stylings of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’.

Simply put, the video is a whole vibe. The carefree energy radiating from the short clip is what we all aspire to achieve in life and seeing @420doggface208 master it all so effortlessly is a pure joy to watch.

Uploading the clip to TikTok on Saturday morning, Apodaca aptly captioned his video “morning vibe”. Then in just two days, the video was viewed over 11 million times on TikTok and another 20 million more on Twitter.

The comments on the iconic skateboard riding and cranberry drinking TikTok all shared the same sentiment: That Apodaca’s video was a simply “the vibe”. Even Fleetwood Mac weighed in on the video, with the band sharing that they loved the video just as much as everyone else.

But Apodaca’s ‘Dreams’ video wasn’t his first video that has been fawned over by people online. In fact, Nathan Apodaca has been creating TikTok’s since 2019, according to a profile that We Are Mitu did in October of last year.

Apodaca is a Mexican man residing in Wyoming, who was first introduced to the app by his daughters. Since joining the platform, @420doggface208 quickly grew in popularity thanks to the light-hearted dance videos he created to classic, nostalgic tracks.

A fan of weed and messing around while working in a factory, Apodaca’s vibe helped him grow from 90,000 followers to a million in under a year.

Some of his most popular videos include Apodaca lip-syncing to Green Day’s ‘Brain Stew’ while skateboarding, and another skating and dancing to ‘Sk8r Boi’ by Avril Lavigne.

Clearly not boxed into only one genre of music, Apodaca’s other videos don’t even require the skateboard at all, with @420doggface208 just making short choreographed dances to some of his all-time favourite songs without a care in the world.

Honestly, if vibes were a person, they would easily be @420doggface208.

Junkee reached out to Nathan Apodaca but he was understandably too busy vibing out to hit us back. But you can follow the Vibe King on TikTok here.