Here’s A Song To Play Your Friends Who Think The Pandemic Is Over Because They’re Bored Of It

Bop of the year.

TikTok coronavirus song

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It’s become quite easy to get complacent about the coronavirus pandemic; to consider all of us, tucked down in Australia, the main characters of life.

After all, in our parts of the world, things seem (largely) more manageable than in say, America. New Zealand has stamped out the disease almost entirely. In NSW, cases have been going up in small clusters. Compared with the widespread social devastation going on over in the States, we seem to have things mostly under control. Or so the all too prevalent myth goes.

Of course, we don’t have this thing under control until a vaccine comes through. When there’s community transmission, no matter how small, that means that there are cases out there. If social distancing measures are not adhered to — if masks don’t become normalised, and people don’t make sensible decisions about where they need to go — then it’s only a matter of time till those spikes get bigger and bigger. Now, more than ever, we need to continue to take coronavirus seriously, and not take our feet off the gas.

But sometimes, it’s hard to explain that to people in conversation. We’re all so over the pandemic. It’s been so many months of restrictions, and panic, and fear. Whether it’s conscious or not, I think some people have the attitude that they should soak up the fun now, while they still can. And it can sometimes be hard to push people back on that view — socially awkward.

That’s where TikTok user @hebontheweb comes in. They’ve recorded a short, ecstatic bop designed to remind everyone that we’re still in the thick of this thing, and that we need to take the disease as seriously as ever.

So hey, if you’ve got a friend who refuses to wear a mask, or to stop their partying habits, then just send them this: