Girls On TikTok Are Roasting Pro-Life Protestors Outside Abortion Clinics

"We're not going to oppress women today, bitch. Not today."

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Girls on TikTok have always been super powerful.

From dancing in front of aggressive voicemails from their exes to doing “loyalty checks” for other girls with boyfriends, women truly are just the best. But there’s one girl on TikTok who has taken her power one step further by going up to abortion clinics in real life and roasting the shit out of at pro-life protestors shaming women.

Yep, Mina Varaz has spent the last week “yelling at pro-lifers who harass women at clinics” and she has the video proof to back it up. Documenting her adventures on TikTok, @shutthefxckupmina123 has uploaded footage┬áriling up a local group of old, white anti-abortion protestors every day this week.

Holding bright pink “clinic parking” directions to help drown out all the “thou shall not murder” pro-life signs, Mina and her friends can be heard dragging the protestors for their looks and opinions, and taunting them with explicit songs.

After one day outside the clinic, Mina rallied even more friends to join and started to give the protestors their own nicknames to help identify them for people watching — and laughing — at home like the bible-carrying Flip, Icky Vicky, and newcomer Gilbert.

For example, in one video the girls call Flip a “little bitch boy” and imply that he’s dating the cop who is patrolling the clinic. In another, Flip gets absolutely roasted after he says that Mina and her friends don’t know what the world “micro” means after they talk about micro-aggressions.

“Micro-aggressions? You don’t even know what that means,” Flip says. “You don’t know what micro means! What’s micro mean?”

“The size of your dick,” replies the girls with pure savagery and clarity. Iconic.

However, no pro-lifer gained as much attention as Murder Chris aka Doo Doo Drawers, from Mina’s very first protestor video, who TikTok quickly became obsessed with.

As a result of his unexpected popularity, Chris has now become one of Mina’s most popular recurring characters in her pro-life roasting videos for his roadside fitness and terrible “murder” sign.

Mina’s videos have even inspired others to go out and go up against the pro-life protestors harassing women at clinics. For example, popular TikTok creator @lukaswitha.k went viral overnight after he tricked some pro-lifers into think he was a Serbian man who agreed with their views.

After making friends with the protestors, Lukas asked if he could join them and returned with his own sign that read “these guys are WACK”. Holding the sign above the protestors, Lukas decided to drown out their yelling by playing ‘Work Bitch’ by Britney Spears, ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY, ‘Starships’ by Nicki Minaj and the always iconic, ‘Crazy Frog’ by Axel F.

After returning with his sign, the main protestor calmly called Lukas a liar before asking him who he thought the “father of lies” was, to which Lukas replied “probably Satan, or something.” We truly do love to see it.

You can follow Mina’s pro-choice journey on TikTok here.