Please Enjoy These Perfect TikTok Impressions Of Aussie Radio Presenters

The Nova parody is...too accurate.

triple j nova parody photo

Australian radio really is perfectly primed to parody — from the party pie footy lovers over at Triple M, to the endlessly enthusiastic pop slingers at Nova, there’s a wealth of distinctive voices that make for tender roasting material.

Enter TikTok user @swag.on.the.beat (!!). In a video posted last week, the serial funnyman took a (gentle) swipe at every major Aussie station, from Nova to triple j to Triple M — hell, even the staid and respectful folks at ABC Classic got a look in.

“Hey guys, welcome back to triple j,” they drawl. “On the textline we have Travis from Bondi and he says ‘Hey guys loving the vibes tonight, me and my friends and I are having pre-drinks and we are totally vibing right now’ and you know what Travis? We are vibing off your vibes.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” they croon as ABC Classic, practically eating the microphone. “That was Bach’s ninth symphony in B-minor. What a lovely piece. Mmmmmmm.”

Watch the full video below.